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A new brand here at leafy green, Mistral is sure to become a fast fave with our lovely customers!

Here is their company info in Mistral's own words:

At Mistral, our designs are guided by you, our lovely customers. You are totally central to the heart of the clothing we produce, and we will always listen to your loves, wishes, wants and feedback. We have always been passionate about the bright, bold prints that you tell us you love so much, and we’re committed to creating garments which bring a smile to your faces, and help you feel like the glorious individuals that you are.

Our culture reflects our fun, family ethos. We care deeply about our staff, and in turn they care for each other and our customers. We try to reflect this commitment to a supportive, kind environment in our social responsibility. We are constantly reviewing and striving to do the very best we can for our customers, our community and the wider environment.

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