Aura Que Nadi leather belt

Aura Que Nadi leather belt

Lovely ethically made belts. Here is more info from our supplier:

The NADI handcrafted leather belt features antique brass buckle and leather belt loops; can be worn as waist belt or hip belt depending on size.

Dimensions: L112xW2.5xD0.4cm. Lengths are measured to the middle hole. Width is 2.5inches.

Care instructions: Items with leather are not washable. Spot clean. Treat with care.

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The cost of producing quality leather goods to fair trade standards has risen sharply in recent years. By withdrawing our leather accessories from our wholesale range, we hope to keep these at prices accessible to our customers, whilst still paying a fair price to our artisans in Nepal.

Our leather is sourced from a small family tannery in Kolkata and road-freighted to Kathmandu in bulk, to be used for all our leather and suede products; all chemicals used in the process are contained and reprocessed within the water treatment facility on site. Leather is the traditional material for 3rd wedding anniversary gifts. Our brass buckles and specialised fittings are handmade from brass by artisans in Kathmandu who hand cut, file and polish local Nepalese brass into shape. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, of historical and enduring importance because of its hardness and workability. Brass offers superior recyclability and overall environmental advantages as it can be recycled an infinite number of times with no loss in properties or performance.

Handcrafted from high quality leather in a small artisan workshop in Kathmandu, Nepal. Owner BJ produces the patterns himself, as well as making and coordinating the workshop production. Several members of staff are employed within the team, who they have trained in leatherwork skills. AURA QUE have been working with the group since 2013. AURA QUE products are individually handcrafted and the unique story behind each AURA QUE product enhances its charm!